Monday, July 5, 2010

The TDF: It's Not Boring....

Wow. After stage 2 of the Tour de France, we are really wondering who will be left to battle for the overall when we finally get to the Pyrenees! Prior to the start of the tour, we knew that stage 3 had cobbles and would be a decisive stage. We had no idea that multiple riders would crash by the end of stage 2 and favorites would be completely out of contention.
As for us, we've loaded songs and some French words into ipods, ordered Euros (which have a really pretty iridescent strip on them, BTW), made ID badges to attempt to convince non-English officials that we're pretty important, printed t-shirts with sponsors listed on them, uploaded Euro maps into the new Garmin, changed phones to make sure we are "global-ready", and bought some new clothes. Barbara is going full-throttle, between working full-time and going to school. D'Andrea is attempting to live in 2 states at once while preparing for 12 days in France. Anita is enjoying summer break and spending time with @Bike_Dude.
We have set up some media outlets for you to follow our journey to France. Besides this blog, you can watch videos at:
You can follow us on twitter at: @divastourfrance

We can't wait to experience this trip of a lifetime and can't wait to share it with you!

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  1. FYI: The url is missing for the youtube link :-)